Please Remove the Holiday Bundle!

It’s currently March 5, 2020, and it’s been months since the holidays. It’s literally almost St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s time to finally remove the holiday bundle. It supposed to be limited edition.

It’s the developers’ decision if they want to remove it right now, you can’t just tell them to remove it unless they’re going to.

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“it’s the developer’s decision to add tnt to treasure wars, don’t even attempt to suggest it”

I agree with you, because Hive+ Black Friday Bundle also get removed!

Firstly, this is a old topic.

Secondly, the Holiday Bundle was removed and now there is a Animal Bundle.


No, Holiday Bundle didn’t get removed

Yes it did.

What region do you even play on? It’s a Animal Bundle not a Holiday Bundle. There are differences.

I know it, but Holiday Bundle GIFT still exist



Oh ok I didn’t know

I agree. This should be removed.