Please fix this game

Hive build battle is great, but there is 1 problem which is voting. Whether your build is good or not people rate meh every time so that other teams gets a low score. Sometimes you can get into matches where everyone just rate meh. The fix is simple. If there is some sort of tracking system that checks the amount of meh put by a player it would be the best game on the hive. I agree sometimes some builds are so bad that you need to put meh so if the tracker divides it by the amount of games played by a player the tracker would be perfect. So there will be a limit of meh you can put. The more the matches played the higher the limit. So if anyone goes past the meh limit the will get banned for 15 minutes. This will make rating fair and the players will also be able to vote meh if the build is bad. If any developer sees this I would not mind if the just build update releases later because the hive needs to release huge updates like mixed arcade and swarms

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Hi, put this in #suggestions.

Although I do agree that there are people out there who repeatedly vote meh regardless of how amazing your structure looks, there are obviously some players there that will vote fairly. I wouldn’t necessarily make this a big deal but I can understand your viewpoint. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is true, but there is 1 thing you cant fix on the hive. The COMMUNITY. Although i would like that system. Great idea!

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I feel like a better solution would be this suggestion(making it so it’s more of a tournament, where you’re shown 2 builds and vote on which one is best. This continues until there’s 1 left, which is the winner).