Please Fix Steve Bug

There is A Steve Glitch please fix

  1. Its not that easy,
  2. Just relog
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I think the Steve glitch is pretty common in different servers, especially this one. Relogging is the most common solution, but that hasn’t worked for my sister most of the time.

its also dependent on your internet connection, cuz i haven’t experienced the steve glitch for a long time

I know know the relogging but it hasnt worked for me my connection is strong but hive please fix
This is for 1.17

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Hey Danie this isn’t related to the Hive but a minecraft issue, so the Hive can’t do anything about it, if you are able to try changing your version back to 1.16 since 1.17 increase the amount of times you get the steve glitch.

Also next time you can put this under #help-me

Esy use 1 texture and not allowed trusted skin and don’t deleted hive texture