Please add this

please pleas pleas add trios so i can play with my friends and if you have time squads to ty

This belongs in #suggestions , but it’s duplicate suggestion anyways. Use the search icon to see if someone has suggested something before. You can vote, and add to the original here: Just Build Trios and Squads

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i feel like you are in a rush…
and something like that will take a bit of time.
also 3 or more players in build is not fun. you may enjoy it with your friends but it might not get enough attention from other players.
i add to that, what are you trying to build with three players,even if there is a build that needs 3 players it may take 10-15 mins.

so i recommend you playing in a normal world with your friends, or just joining the same just build lobby and seeing who has the best build.

thats all i can say