Please add team chat!

I really want hive to add team chat why? because people will know if im going to trap for example i am telling my team to trap in the ladder in meadow then the enemies would know that we are going to trap so no one will come and go to trap so i would really love if hive added teamchat

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There is already a thing called ‘party chat’ in The Hive.
If you do /pc while you have 3 or more members in your party, you can actually chat with your party members and no one will be able to see your chat except your party members!
I hope this solves your issue, have a great day!

He meant team chat, not party chat, ex if u queue a trios game u will have a team of 3 people

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I’m sorry didn’t get it,
Well they have no plans for adding team chat, as Ralius said in discord.

That’s why this is a suggestion, and didn’t get closed for already being planned. Also, I agree, I don’t play sw, but team chat would be useful for team games with teams of 3+. They should also add it to trios and squads in twars, not just mega.


this makes me question if people get the point of suggestions


There is a reason why this is called a suggestion.

This is actually a pretty good idea.
The command should be something like /tc or /teamchat


That would cause confusion if you go in a mega game and have some random teammates that aren’t in your party

Well in mega there’s only team chat, no chat to all

Hey! This is a duplicate; let’s continue the discussion over here: /tc for team chat

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