Playing with pros will turn you into one!

I have been playing minecraft since alpha 1.0, and I know what its like to lose MiniGames. But, after practicing in pot pvp arenas with better players and pushing myself, I got onto the Pro Platform(metaphor). So I want to tell you; If your a newb a minigames, then play against better players than yourself! you WILL lose a lot at first, but once you get better you can push yourself even further! Have fun!

Or just even watch strats that work. I was a complete turtle when I started twars, but I learned some better strats pretty quickly by seeing what the people who beat me did


I mean…
I learned how to combo every 3 years by getting destroyed
does that count?

Every 3 years???

yes, i only get into a combo every 3 years

Now it makes sense, the other sentence doesn’t.

Yaeh thats cool! thats a good idea

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yes, if you learned from your failures then you got better.

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