Player Teleporter Update (compass)

Player Teleporter Update (compass)

[Update the player teleporter (compass) with more informations)

Maybe add to the teleporter that you can see the team from the player. In Murder Mystery you see the roles (murderer, sheriff, innocent), in Treasure Wars you see the color/colour of the team (red, magenta, green, aqua, gold, blue, gray, yellow), Survival Games (Duos) the Disctricts 1-12, DeathRun the roles Death or Runner, Hide and Seek hider or seeker and in Just Build the team color. That is making the teleport to the player easiler (for example you can watch the murderer faster when you see who is the murderer on the compass, Hide and Seek you see as spectator who is hider, who is seeker, …

I feel like having it tell you what role players are in murder mystery will lead to problems with ghosting as it’ll be easier for people to tell each other who the murderer is if they are in a party or someone telling the murderer who the sheriff is so they can target them. But aside from that I think it’s a good idea!


I mean, ghosting is hard to do in murd unless you have an xbox party rn

or a discord party and if you do this call your friend on your actual phone