Player Report - 5 Teamers in Murder Mystery

I am reporting this group of Teamers in Murder Mystery. 4 players had the same skin as the murderer. The murderer did not kill them at all until everyone else was dead. Murderer also called them cult members, clearly indicating that they are teamers. I could only get the names of 2 of the 5 teamers. I have 4 videos showing the events that happened during that game. These video occurred in the order below (Video 1 happened first…)
I could only have 2 links, so the ones that are linked are the important ones. The other 2 are just extra ones.

Video 1:
Video 2
Video 3:
Video 4

The names of the 2 teamers i got (Proof near the end of Video 4):
RainyDay07 - Murderer

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Thanks for reporting! However, use the hive’s discord server next time.

@Hlzyzptlk ples lock


Also how do you team in mm lol

By not killing your friends while youre murd and they not shooting you


I’ll take a look into it, thank you!