player fly hack

Thank you for reporting! However, it is easier to report on the hive’s discord and admins can get around to your report faster.

Have a good day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hallo, und willkommen in die Foren!

please use Hive’s Discord ( to report hackers.


why are you talking in german

the OP is german


and I am learning german at my school which was a big mistake

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I am also learning German! Wir sprechen Deutsch!

Haha, na dann können wir ja ab jetzt immer auf Deutsch schreiben :joy:


Hey, warum sprechen so viele Leute Deutsch? xD Ich definitiv keinen Übersetzer LOL Bitte melden Sie auch Spieler über die Zwietracht :smiley:


English only speaker :frowning:

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Rip. I speak multiple languages but German ain’t one of em

I see holy replyin rn :thinking:

@PEKKAlp I’m afraid I can’t do much unless you can give me the IGN since it’s not visible in the images. Since this thread’s getting a little off-topic I’ll go ahead and close it but you’re welcome to PM me if you do have the IGN.

In the future, if you’re able to join the Discord, that’s a much better place to report as you’ll get a faster response :slight_smile: