Pink glitch on mobile

New pink glitch in Mobile This is the screenshot in This version of mc [1.18.30] Please fix it Ty

Sadly, the pink glitch is a Minecraft issue that the Hive has no control over. 1.18.30 brought it to mobile.


Now because of the new update ( 1.18.30 ) Pink Glitch will now happen on mobile. Theres not really anything you can do or hive can do. Its a minecraft issue thats not being solved. Hopefully now that renderdragon ( the graphics engine that causes pink glitch ) has been moved to mobile and other devices, this issue can get more scrutiny and attention

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Hello everyone. I just want to say that pink glitch itself is a bug but putting on mobile and other platforms that run bedrock is on purpose. Everyone that has it now have to if they updated to 1.18.30. This update pushed the render-dragon onto all devices that run bedrock. To resolve this issue, either go back (by going to the beta which is only available on PC) or when you do get it, restart your game. Sorry for all the typos :frowning:

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