Ping Based Matchmaking

Hello again! I wrote this suggestion yesterday but someone flagged it so it got removed, but I again want to say that you guys should add ping based matchmaking. Also, why do you people let the normal people reply? Someone said to me “No” directly and I was very angry. Bad of him!

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Interesting idea, though this could cause problems. Very little people have ultimate ping and even lesser have - 23737483ms ping

Also, if that suggestion got locked, you aren’t allowed to suggest it again lol, it will get locked again

qs would be absolutely terrible


What would be terrible?

Queuing System would be terrible.

But what about ping?

Ping will also be terrible if there won’t be a ping based matchmaking

Also lots of people’s ping vary a lot can be 100 and go up to 200 for a few seconds then back which doesn’t really work

Also lets say only 3 people have really low ping queing wouldn’t work

It will be good during the match lol

You are being irrational.
For the very few who get 200 ping, you want all 20,000 or so concurrent players to accept this?

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The match you are talking about will only exist when there are enough players to queue into it.

I guess they are talking about two people with very low ping fighting to the death.

It’ll be kind of frustrating because of lag lol.

Because games start when 2 players join yes

no this is bad

That’s kinda the point of a forum

Anyways the best way to solve the problem of ping would be for the hive to add more server locations but that’s probably expensive.


fun fact: highest ping i got 2147483648

Highest i got: 40000

your ping can change in game and this would make queueing longer, I personally see this as a problem for the players who have super high ping or low ping and have to wait for ages to get into a game


That’s actually a visual bug in mc where it displays the highest or lowest possible integer value for your ping(±2147483648)