Pet/Mount Bundle

A Mount Pet Bundle!

More information:

You get 1 Pet and 1 Mount with all of the cosmetics and maybe a Costume.

Price: About 16 USD

Feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions down there. :beedance:

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Edit: wait did you just mean a bundle where you could choose? I thought you meant a bundle like skywars lmao

Do you think they should be varied or related? I think having varied would make it more interesting.

Maybe have a park ranger or tamer* for the costume.

For the mount, idk a horse? a bird (prolly better as a pet tho)? a TNT Yeeter Mount ? self ad get rekt

And for the pet I was thinking a parrot, and it could come in the 5 parrot colours in vanilla to go with other pets.

*tamer like biomes and builders skin packs (i think that’s what they’re called)

Yes, you get random pets and mounts, ofc only those you don’t have.

That would be cool!

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The Pirate Bundle:
Costume: Sea Doge
Pet: Pirate Ship
Mount: That Leaked Pirate Ship

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Maybe make the price 15 usd
It makes it seem for rounded off