People you are likely to meet in SG! (Stereotypes in SG)

I searched up ‘stereotypes’ on the forums and realised that there isn’t one for SG, so here I am!

People you are likely to meet in SG!

  1. The Noob
    Let’s face it, there is no game in the world without a new player that doesn’t know what to do. They usually are defenceless and easy to kill. They also don’t know how to do basic things most of the time.
    “Erm, how do I loot?”

  2. The S W E A T
    Nobody likes a sweat. They constantly get 37473719481959529 kills every game and probably flex to their friends.
    “Everybody is trash! They don’t constantly place in the top 10, unlike me!”

  3. The Airdrop Specialist
    These guys are masters at tracking down airdrops. They have memorised every airdrop location in every map, and are always the one to loot it.
    “Cool, an airdrop! Nice, another one!”

  4. The Crossteamer
    These annoying players team with other people, even though it is against the rules. They are as hated as sweats, and that’s saying something.
    “Hey, wanna team? I’ll give you a cookie…”

  5. The Bowspammer
    These people bowspam and they suck. Need I say more?
    “bOy dO I lOvE BOwSpaMMInG!”

And there you go! If you have ideas for stereotypes, tell me! I’ll add them!

Suggested Stereotypes

  1. The Hackusater (suggested by @DabbingUnikern)
    These players usually are quite salty and think everybody around them is a hacker. They only want themselves to win.
    “OMG HACKER!!!”

  2. The Defensive Player (suggested by @Ryan)
    These are the kind of people that you would have a 5 minute chase with. They run away ALL THE TIME and get crazy stacked.
    “Hey, get away from me!”

  3. The Suicide Rusher (also suggested by @Ryan)
    These people don’t care about who they’re fighting, they just fight for the sake of it. They might not have the best armour and weapons, but they’re risking it for the reward of better items.
    “Hey you! Over there! I choose you! CHAAAAAAARGE!”

  4. The Self-Destructing Player (suggested by @Arthur78234)
    These people don’t even care about playing the game. They just do whatever they can to kill themselves.
    “Hang on, let me casually just go commit die.”

  5. The AFKer (suggested by @Ryan once again)
    These people just go AFK. Yep, that’s it.

  6. The Lagger (suggested by @mckristiyan28yt)
    These players tend to lag all over the place. They usually have a potato PC/phone.
    “How are people teleporting?”

  7. The Rager (also suggested by @mckristiyan28yt)
    These people rage. Nuff said.
    throws controller

  8. The Quest Grinder (suggested by @OmbviousBedrock)
    These players only play SG for the quests. They hop onto the Hive, complete some SG quests during an hour long gaming session, and log off.
    “Alright, I got some snacks and I am now ready to grind quests!”

  9. The SG YouTuber (also suggested by @OmbviousBedrock)
    These people play SG for views and subs. That’s all they do.
    “Before this gets underway I would like to say that this video is sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends.”

  10. The Slick and Sly (suggested by @mckristiyan28yt once again)
    These people are usually never in the open. They hide in the shadows, waiting for a player. And then…
    “Surprise, you met death!”

  11. The Hider (suggested by @MehdiEpic600)
    idk these people just hide
    “I shall never be caught!”

  12. The Janitor (yet another suggestion by @Ryan)
    These players are out in the open, looking to sneak behind somebody. When they find a target, they sweep them.
    “Taste my mop, unsuspecting player!”

  13. The overconfident player (suggested by @thegamingtoyyt)
    These players are overconfident. That’s all they are.
    “Wow I am soooo good!”


I do feel we should support nobs though, so they keep coming back to the server to enjoy it. That is why we all should apply for hive helper - to help players in need that don’t know what to do


don’t forget The Hackusater

everytime they are killed, they immediately go into chat and say “HACKER!”


how about the defensive player, always runs from fights and gets crazy stacked

and the suicide rusher

My stereotype suggestion:

  1. The Self-Destructer
    These are the people who (try to) self-destruct themselfes instead of fighting anyone.
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Thanks for the great suggestions! I’ve added all of them.

The AFKer

The Laggy One: Its device is really laggy and it blows. The player is very angry, because it can’t play the game normally (like me).

The Sleepy One: (This can replace the Ryan’s AFKer)

The RAGE one: That one is very angry and have psychical problems and also when it lose, it throws the device on the floor (like H0w7oB4s1c).

I hope you liked them.

maybe rename the laggy one to “The Taiwanese player”, he has a terrible connection

or maybe the Colombian player that plays on EU

or 250 ping player


wow @Ryan im offended…

The solos player: They only ever play sg solos
The duos player: They only ever play sg duos
The sg quest grinder: No matter what they will only choose sg quests
The sg youtuber: Pretty self explanatory
The crate catcher: They memorise every possible location for lvl 2 crates


I wouldn’t really call these stereotypes, as many people play only solos/duos.

This is too similar to the Airdrop Specialist.

Other than those, I’ll add your suggestions.

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And the Hide and seek player : just people who hides because they Don’t want to fight and lose but they gets killed at the deathmatch… “I hope nobody will find me NOBODY !

And the Spy : people who are watching to players from hidden spots and they wait the perfect moment to attack “Wait… Wait… Wait… 3… 2… 1… GO !

That’s all I have for the moment !

And I am both of the two stereotypes…

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Can’t add that, too inappropriate

Too similar to The Sly One.

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What about The speedy boi

The person that you start fighting, then they run away from you.

you should probably delete that lmao

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Also the Janitor, they play safe and go for cleans.