PBMM revamp and CPS Limiter

make pbmm have no minimum players
and make players have an off and on switch to the pbmm.

also a new cps limiter that limits cps to 12 cps
if a player goes beyond that cps they will have a warning

i had enough with pc players and i even broke my phone once because of it

Get a keyboard and mouse, buy an xbox for like 40 quid and drag click lmao, solves your prob

Don’t see how you could have broken your phone and the Hive has device based matchmaking your just playing against controller or mobile. Unless your in a party with a pc player.


LOL, perfect reply. Couldn’t have said it any better.

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What about people that can jitter 10-15 cps? Or drag clickers who get over 20? 12 cps is pretty low

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I can jitter 14 cps and drag click 17-20 cps so beats me haha

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ye but i dont live in the eu

and 40 quid is expensive in my country so i cant afford it

The reason there is a minimum amount of players is so that queues don’t take forever. Though I do agree with an option to choose to be put into “higher” queues, but the hive sadly doesn’t seem to like that idea.

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You’d never get into a game during non-peak hours on most regions, hence the automatic switch. And no, an opt in would make that even worse, as nobody would know about the opt in and you’d still end up alone.