Party only games?

If players have a party of more than 4 players they could play their own game

please ignore this i’m going to get it deleted.

this is a good idea I like it

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I think private games are coming with swarms.

Is your suggestion something different? I’m kinda confused


but you can all ready do certain private games like tw solos if you have hive plus

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yeah i guess it isn’t… i mean many people didn’t mention about what would happen with exp so i said it wouldn’t count…

but yeah it’s nothing new, sorry i’ll delete it.

depends on how many members in the party you have. My group only has 6, so i feel bad for the people who get with us

ah great i can’t delete it. oh well i guess. sorry for taking time out of your day :))

This is bannable…

If you don’t have 8 people in a party, and your doing sumo, and someone reports u, then ur gunna have to say, bye bye to hive…

You need 8 people to sumo or you’ll get banned

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we don’t but i have seen other players cross team in parties of 6/5 which is why i suggested it. Sorry i realized many people have posted this! have a nice day :))

wdym? and im confused now?

And The reason some Cross-Teamers don’t get banned, is because, no-one has reported them to Hive’s discord…

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I mean in certain games, people with parties of like 5 will cross team against all the other players so they can play by themselves, which can be annoying for players on the other side. I put the suggestion up for party only games, but realized that it has been posted a lot before.

sorry i can’t explain things too well

nah, it’s fine, but this is a coming feature that has been anounced here!

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ah cool
thank you!

also thanks for being so nice lol and have a great day :))

Okay, @Hlzyzptlk, you can close this

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Claiming last post .

How Rude.

You can’t have the last post

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@Hlzyzptlk hurry… this is getting off topic

Edit; I got last post lol