Party Matches/Private Games

Idea - Party Matches/Private Games.

More info - This feature will allow the party leader to change the settings of any game they wish to host. (Example: Skywars > Adjust settings > Grant Speed to all players.) The party leader will also be able to set other members as any role from “Member” to “Trusted”. Trusted members have the permission to adjust any of the settings The Hive has to offer for this feature, ingame I mean. However, the “Trusted” people will not be able to set other members to the same role as they have. I won’t get into that a lot since it doesn’t match up with this idea, but I really hope this gets implemented soon so that me and my brother can play together without anyone trying to bother us.

Coming in swarms…


Hey there! These features will be coming with Swarms, which has a unknown release date.
On top of that, this is also a duplicate. For future use, please use the :mag: icon to search for other suggestions like your own. Thank you!