Parkour Related

The parkour in hub is really fun, but everyone has gotten those 2 titles. I think there should be new more challenging parkour and another easy one with new rewards. There could also be rewards for game lobby parkours. Idk, definitely not neccesary

I agree with this, but I did literally only get Kangaroo like 2 days ago lol


I agree! I would love to see a hub update with new secrets, new parkour, and maybe some games/things to do in the hub. Maybe a trampoline? :thinking:


That would be so much fun to do the parkours ! I really agree that new parkours should be added. Maybe TheHive team could use custom models to jump from/to ? Like custom trampolines that gives levitation/jump boost, or anything that has custom models that is an element of parkour. This would be sooo cool ! :heart:

By trampoline, I meant a literal trampoline in the hub, but I really like your idea! :smiley:

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I agree with this cause I’ve had The Kangaroo hub title for awhile now. Also, I always see noobs on the mountain to get higher up on the parkour. I think TheHive should make a new hub, or customize this one so people can only get onto the parkour the legit way.

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At the same time, that would just be more annoying, since the part before that is really easy.

If they remove the mountain way to get on, they should add a checkpoint system