Overpowered death run trap + wrong name of the trap?

Affected Service:
Death Run Terminal map :arrow_right: trap: “Set the floor on fire”

What is the bug?

  1. In my opinion this trap is overpowered. People die instantly and walk right into the trap again for multiple times. There are just two blocks from the respawnpoint (portal) to the trap itself, so some people might not even notice that they are killing themself by just walking forward.

  2. The trap is called “Block Replace”. I am not totally sure but I guess it should be called something that is associated with Fire instead of Block Replace.

Screenshots and/or video:

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Hey there,

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have logged the issue where the wrong trap name is displayed in chat, and it will be looked into soon.


This issue has been fixed and will be rolled out soon.