Out of bounds on Snowglobe

Treasure Wars, Snowglobe

In trios Treasure Wars I saw a guy glitch into the diamond island of Snowglobe by constantly breaking it with an iron axe and he eventually fell in. I tried it myself to see if it was a bug or he just hacked in. I was able to fall through the floor as well by using an iron axe. This needs to be fixed because it can be used to hide forever as no one can reach you unless they know the trick.

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Hey there,

Could you provide screenshots of the specific location so I can fix this?



I hope my comment will not be superfluous, but on all maps you can fail and hide in blocks. The whole problem is that the player breaks the blocks and falls under the card, or gets stuck in the blocks so that it is impossible to get it, it is very annoying since I see such players every day. You need to add a plugin that would not allow doing this, I tried to repeat this on other servers, but there it is not possible. And it really infuriates when such a player falls under the card, you try to get it and the server kicks you.

P.S I could make a video of why, how and where does this happen, if you are interested, let me know

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It’s a little more complicated than that I’m afraid, we can of course fix any areas of maps that are causing issues though :slight_smile: