Oof Wars (Sky Wars Pet Peeves)

So I haven’t been drawing as much lately and I spend probably a quarter of my waking hours playing sky wars, and, well, I don’t have much inspiration to draw much else. I had this idea for like a small comic in my mind, and I had a bad day and am bored so I decided I may as well do it now.

I’ll add more pages when I get around to making more, but yeah, I hope some of you like my idea. Uhh, thanks and make sure to leave a like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon.
Jk but yeah tell me what you guys think. :sweat_smile:
P.S. why does it look so much like theoddonesout’s style oh well

Edit: Please do not ask to be in the comic. I will try to draw as many people as I know, but just because I’ve seen you, spoke with you, played with you, or friended you does not guarantee that I will draw you in my comic.

Page 1 of idk:
I should clarify that we’re all on the same team here


This is amazing! I love how you drew my bee costume falling in the void and almost knocking you off! This has made my day. :laughing:


This drawing is amazing but by the way you drew this one would think gold ore is rare or doesn’t exist when it’s everywhere normally

;-: I’m not in it… lol i dont mind tho, It’s sooo good xD

Nice drawing and comic!! :heart:



Wow! You have great art skills! Well done! I love the comic lol. Block trapping is life :laughing:


She drew what we all wanted.


this is amazing, i love the way you drew me


Who is on the tree and who are the 2 girls (maybe one is you) but the other, and the person wearing green?

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from my understanding, the one in full diamond is @ariannasv22 and theyre getting beaten in a fight, so I go to pearl and save her (lmao)

the one in green is an underground camper and idk who the one on the tree is


I could totally add you but I just forgot what your skin looks like lol

Aaaaa I drew this at like 4am I knew I forgot something sorry

I guess I forgot because I almost never mine gold ore lol

You know it, haha.
Also the guy in the tree is pretty much someone on lb or otherwise just a level 40. Just an absolute god watching from above.

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Oh I forgot that was the statue costume thing

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We’re almost always on the same team and he still does it hence why I’m annoyed lol

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Also would it be better to post more pages as an edit or as a reply?



ooo a comic i see well i guess that’s epic


lmao if i was on it I would probs just be a minecraft stick

Really good job tho


Thanks the Yous xD
I’ll post a pic of my skin but u can totally change it!

If that’s to hard to draw (not judging ur drawing skill) I have a costume that i like!

It’s not on the costume list here but It’s in hub (Leaf Costume bc its sooo cute!!)

Edit; i just noticed ThanPixel is in the background xD :smiley: