Onix client in future

so i already asked that i wants a client like lunar but for minecraft bedrock so i can see my cps and all the good stuff people offered me onix client i searched about it and its good i dont think it will get u banned on hive but what if i use it for like 2 month hive update the rules like onix is not allowed and i get banned what can i do for that?

If the hive doesn’t allow onix in the future you can just stop using the client

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ur right but what if i dont know when they update rules or when its just banable and i play a game on hive and i get banned

Then you would probably contact hive support (I think)

This is a what if scenario though and I don’t think The Hive will ban Onix Client

uh thank you the thing is onix client have some futures that give u advantage and thats why im worried

The hive blocks all of the unusable features. Also the way that Onix works is it’s not attached to your mc so if you want to you can play normal mc whenever.

so u mean i can use it and its safe?

Yes it is allowed on hive

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