Onix client hitboxes and damage indicators

  1. can i use inject onix client and hitboxes keystrokes fps counter etc?
  2. can i use damage indiacator addon?
    these are my two questions
    and if i use them will i get banned?
  1. i think onix is allowed and any disallowed clients are automatically disabled when u join the server

  2. damage indicators dont work on the hive so no use


hello! damage indicators aren’t allowed on the hive, since they can provide an unfair advantage. Onix is allowed however, and hitboxes are fine so long as it doesn’t show through walls. Keystrokes and fps counters are fine as well :) Hope this helps!

Welcome @karthikgamer145 to the hive! hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome to our forums! All the information about which mods are allowed and disallowed on The Hive can be found here:

As for damage indicators:

Damage and health indicators are not functional on The Hive and as such are neither allowed nor denied; they are simply useless.