Official Staff Roster Suggestion

This is going to be a very short suggestion post.

The Unofficial Staff Roster that was managed by me and then later Adept has been unlisted, me and some others think we know why, but that is irrelevant to this suggestion, I don’t want people discussing the topic getting unlisted, and I’ve had this idea for a while.

Now granted, this does sort of exist, however I feel that this isn’t well communicated basically ever, and that a newer player would have a difficult time easily accessing this.

What I am suggesting is an Official Staff Roster that is managed by the Hive themselves, and that is located in the support section of the website at least. This would mean that players could somewhat easily determine who is a staff member and who isn’t, and that staff demotions, resignations, and basically anything that results in the staff rank not being present is clear. I think this list would only need to have the IGNs of the staff. I think an official list on the discord server would also be very handy, but if it is officially posted somewhere, than that’s fine with me

And again, I do not want anybody discussing the unlistment of the staff roster, it is not relevant to this topic, and bringing that up potentially leads to this topic being locked, it isn’t impossible that it got unlisted since an official staff roster is in the works

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Im voting if you dont vote you are a nerd
TGT makes the best suggestions tbh


It’s fine if it doesn’t communicate if a staff member is on break, I’ll probably remove that part.

However, I think if someone no longer has the staff role, keeping them on the roster could result in confusion, this suggestion is quite flexible, and I really just want this implemented to some extent


I agree on the privacy part, but I think a staff member going on break doesn’t need to be stated anywhere. They could just be quietly taken off the staff roster when they do.


Just to clarify, I agree with the official Staff Roster however reasons for staff no longer being there would be staff information, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. Names of staff would be all that’s needed.


nobody ever said there needed to be reasons, just a list of all staff members (on break or not) should be added


Well I did say “so demotions and resigninations would be clear”, but that doesn’t matter, all I want is when a staff member doesn’t have the rank for whatever reason, they aren’t on the roster


This has been accepted I suppose