Not sharing treasure breaks

Suggestion: Not have treasure breaks count for the entire team.

More info: When anyone on your team breaks a treasure, the stats and xp that the treasure breaker gets count for the entire team.

I don’t get why this even is a thing. Maybe it’s because of treasure stealers but it isn’t fair that an AFK/clueless person can get XP like this.

P.S. sorry level <50s, stat grinders and boosters :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump, very good suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

NO PLEASE NO (jk yes please) this makes afk players not gain XP XD

no. i get that you don’t like that it counts for the whole team, but Splodg3r said they’re going to add afk-prevention sooner or later. let’s say you’re rushing a team with your friend, you guys would have to battle to see who gets the treasure. it could cause toxicity as well.

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yes. It encourages afking. im tired about doing all the work just for my teammates to get free stats