Not gonna brag, but

I just eliminated a full diamond with a single arrow!

And I don’t have a sword, and I only have chain armor

I can feel their disappointment


The two most powerful items clash in an intense duel!


Did you knock him/her off?

Yes I did knock him.

I laugh when I do that with diamond armor guys 2

My brother knocked 3 diamond armor guys (in sky) without any armor


my friend can destroy 6 diamond people

I do This all The Time With My Fist or With Snowballs

Mostly With my Fist.

once I comboed a diamond armour guy with a stone sword in 1 -2 rounds I think lol. And another round was me trying to kill this diamond armour guy in my base over and over again, I got him in the end. I can feel his MEGA disappointment lol. Last theres just like a billion other games where I combo other ppl

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Disappoint them even more if you get them into a COMBO and knock them off. It’s also amazing when you get enough hits to actually KILL the dia dude without knocking them off. I’ve done this so many times and they usually scream in the chat.