Not getting level 50 reward

Affected Service (Game name, hub or global):
Treasure wars

What is the bug?
Hit level 50 but didn’t get “The Worthy Opponent” hub title

Screenshots and/or video:

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Your iPad maybe just bugging out try restarting it and rejoin hive. The bug maybe caused because the game does not think your level 50. Try playing a few more games.

I hit level 50 a few days ago and have played many games afterward. I did resttart the hive browser many times. However thanks for the suggestion!

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Try restarting your iPad or play on a different device

Glitch has been going on for a week, so I doubt it has to do with my device not working properly as the account has been loaded on 3 separate devices since then.

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Try telling an admin directly, they could help you.

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Is your WiFi working correctly?

Or just email the support team about this.

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The thing is that it is major enough for me to put it here, but I don’t want to bother someone about something not that significant

This issue has now been fixed, the patch will be rolling out tomorrow, you should get your missing unlocks upon joining a game after the update :slightly_smiling_face: