Nobody can see what you say or you can't send anything in chat? Please read this topic

You might wanna read this article instead of this topic:

Hey there! This thread contains information about what could have caused you to not be able to send any message on chat, or to be able to send messages, but nobody else being able to see it.

  1. Server mutes
    These occour if you send any message in chat that breaks any server rules. Please check this article to view the rules.

  2. Community Suspensions/Shadowmutes
    These occour whenever you send any message with harsh/extreme language or post personal information.

Example #1 (harsh/extreme language):
Racism, bullying

Example #2 (personal information):
Real age reveal, credit card information

The Hive does not have control over these things, so do not contact appeals to The Hive because they don’t take control of shadowmutes. Yet, that was Microsoft/Xbox Live staff’s decision.

Contact Microsoft Support if you have questions about your suspension or why did your shadowmute happen.


Finally, the people will be able to understand why people can’t see their messages.


Let’s hope so.

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This is something that should be linked, I cannot tell you how many times I run into people who are dumbfounded on why they were punished for calling people female dogs left and right or something


Could this thread be pinned?

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Thread’s wont be pinned unless its made by an Admin or even helper.

it’s still an informative thread and it’s very possible for this to be pinned

I’ve tried before. It isn’t how it works unfortunately.

Edit: Never mind, we can just link the support article