No Teammates in Duos

Hi, I know this problem has been logged before - I’m not being assigned a teammate. Is there any news on this glitch please?

actually is it not really a glitch, it is just that the lobby is not filled up, like when the game is about to start, some players will just immediately leave the game, leaving some teams only having 1 , instead of 2 players in one team

although I could be wrong tho, as it is most likely a glitch which you mentioned, maybe a staff member could confirm this

Also welcome to the hive forums :blobheart:

This is correct. Anytime the duos lobby is not full, at least one team will end up consisting of only one person. Sometimes multiple teams will be this way if the lobby has just passed minimum requirements to start (I believe that’s 8/12 in duos? I could be wrong). If the lobby is full and no one leaves, all teams will be full. The same applies in any other team game in any other gamemode if the lobby is not full (I’ve been solo on a treasure wars squads game before hehe). And welcome to the forums :smiley:

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Bruh the hive should make it so that if a player leaves before the game starts the game should not start till it fills up again. Maybe a time limit to fill the lobby. maybe 60 seconds. Cubecraft did this years ago

This would make finding games so much harder. If your playing late at night not a lot of people are playing at that time so you won’t be able to play

Funny story, I read the title of this thread wrong and I thought you were going to suggest to not have teammates in duos, i was going to go crazy minimod on you lmao

But anyway, just like spring and tranker said, this is caused by not enough people queuing. You can try to re-queue if this happens!

We are looking into this issue and hope to have a fix out soon :+1:

Though it is right that this happens when a game starts without the maximum amount of players, there is an issue that causes some players to be much more likely to be placed on a team on their own than others when this happens.

Doing this would lead to very long queue times - we’d much rather avoid this!


i played 20 duo lobbys and i had teammate only 2 times