No one can see my chat

For some reason, I was playing and then no one was responding to my messages. I have tested people I know, they can’t see it. I went on to a different account and typed, and they can see my chat, so it has something to do with my account.

I have read this - I never got a message in chat saying I have been muted. I have been on to see if I had an XBOX mute, but I do not have any kind of XBOX mute/ban on my account.

I also have checked my account permissions, I have the permission to chat to everyone.

I have been on other servers and they also can’t see my chat, so it might be unrelated to this server.

Should I go to XBOX support? What do I do now?

Please read this topic I made.

You have recieved a communication suspencion (also known by the Xbox community as shadowmute) by Xbox Live enforcement/Microsoft. This type of suspencion blocks you from:

  • Using any in-game chat

  • Using voice chat for Xbox Live groups/parties

  • Using regular chat in Clubs or groups/parties

And others. If you want to appeal, either contact Microsoft/Xbox Support or send them a :email: or a Twitter PM to @Xbox or @majornelson.

He said this @Arthur78234

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I think I know what you mean. I once had the same issue, and this is called a shadowmute. Others see you messages in multiplayer worlds, but no one sees them on servers. I got unmuted by writing the alphabet from A to Z, one letter each line. This is a way to unmute, and you will be able to chat again on every server. Sometimes, you can get shadowmuted again by triggering a chat filter. In this case, do the same again. In some cases, you have to write the numbers from 0 - 9 after you wrote all letters from A - Z, it’s different. Sometimes you already get unmuted at a specific letter (or number). I would try this with some friends and look if it works again after you have done this. Hope it helps

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Xbox enforcement is the equivalent of using 1 ply toilet paper to stop a pipe burst, so a shadow mute/privacy thing is most certainly the issue


Depending on how long u have been “shadow muted” u can do the following steps. A shadow mute is a stupid glitch in the system for Microsoft. No one seems to be in control of it. I’ll link u this article that helped me get unmuted today hope it helps. Try all steps with a friend with u to say when it works.

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Thank you so much!

Typing the alphabet, each character in separate messages, worked for me. Now people can see my chat!

Now I need to make sure I don’t get muted for spamming the alphabet I guess.

Can’t thank you enough tho.


Alright, the problem has been solved. Can an admin lock this please?

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