No hunger loss and new max level

i think it would be great if u couldn’t lose hunger as the amount of time I’ve went for a 2v1 and right as we are fighting i run out of hunger and as i try to eat i die cuz i cant run away and this has happen multiple times and i think it would be great for there to just be no hunger and there just needs to be a higher max level in sg I got max like 3 months on playing this game and i was still on ps4 and ive had my pc for almost a year so basically I’ve been max for TO long and it should be the max level as 50 or 70 that would be great.

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breh survival games is basically imitating survival, and the major part of the game would be pointless if there isnt hunger loss

and it takes time to make levels it isnt as simple as making a new max, there should be rewards or atleast a reason for the players to max it


Hunger running out quickly is meant to stop players from running away endlessly


Hunger loss is just a fact of survival games, and makes it unique from the rest

Edit: also, not many people play sg anymore sadly, so I think the Hive is going to focus on more popular things :frowning:


i think its called hunger games for a reason


Hunger loss makes it better