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I subscribed newstller but i didn’t get the mail

Hey there :wave:
Make sure to check your Spam folders! If failed, then you have most likely typed your email incorrectly.

But if you are referring to The Arcade email, please check your spam folders. If failed, then you have not subscribed to the newsletter on time!

Have a Beetastic day/evening! :beedance:

When did you subscribe to the news letter?

A newsletter e-mail from Hive that sent in 3rd day of the May has a reward code, just look at it and you will find it there.

Today :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::expressionless::smirk:

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Hey there is nothing in spam folder

I subscribed.
here is proof

You can’t get it anymore cuz you only got it if you subscribed before May 3rd to the newsletter.

There is no way??

Unfortunately there is no way.