New upgrades and items

I was thinking you could maybe add a trap or warning when someone gets to the base i was thinking 5 diamonds for it and 2 emeralds for miner fagtige effect also add potions for maybe 1 or 2 ems for what effect it is

ah yes, next you’ll be wanting leather armour and all other armours in bottom half only and a wooden sword at spawn

this is hive, not hypixel


can people actually use the search function for once

please stop suggesting things already suggested and use what’s available to you to check if its a duplicate



tbh though i once searched ‘screenshpts with forumers’ and nothing came up, unless u type the right thing the search feature is pretty useless. like ill look something up using every keyword related to what i want to post and i still get told its a dupe, just because people make their titles vague


Uhhhh no not like that…

That’s an impossible goal unless the forums get no new members

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we could do it with people joining, but it’d be very complicated

Hypixle and Hive have very different Balance, On Hive Rushing is everything, and some people don’t even place a single block on there treasure. Hypixle Defending is necessary.