New survival mode

Can u add the authentic survival mode? We miss the essence of minecraft.

Uhm, could you give more details and a rough description of what your suggestion will look like? You can’t expect people and the devs to implement an idea that has no context.

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He wants just normal survival, just regular vanilla survival

Well, if that’s the case, then he can just play it on Singleplayer like everyone else. It’s Hive minigames not sUrViVaL mUlTiPlayER.


Like what the above person said its “Hive Minigames” for a reason, also straight survival can get quite messy lol


Agreed , and straight survival is pretty bad. Health mechanics are buffed same with everything else. Only way you’ll die is if you got someone your fighting better armour/weapons , or if your both in same armours…its just useless. The Hive’s survival minigame is what I picture, a real survival games would be in Minecraft.


I guess this can be closed now because this suggestion is clearly unclear and is useless.


also the user is not even using forums anymore