New "Survival" gamemode to Skywars

I have been thinking of this for a while and I am wondering if you could add this gamemode to SkyWars. And, trust me, I’ve played this before and know what I’m doing!

You start off with literally nothing. The island is very simple, but it’s a normal island as there is one tree on your island and the island is generated with randomly generated ores in the inside and half of the inside is stone. The goal like all SkyWars modes is to be the last one standing and you only have one life. To win, you need to get as stacked as possible with the ores in your base and go to the middle to get even more stacked! The middle often contains better ores and chests with items like you would normally get in the ender chests in the current SkyWars. It’s called “Survival” because it follows most of the Survival rules.

I think this could easily happen, as I think this is a fairly balanced suggestion. Hive has named their current SkyWars “SkyWars Lucky Ores,” which makes me think that Hive had more ideas for future SkyWars gamemodes.

Reply how you think and tell me if there is any problems with this suggestion!!

So it’s basically Skywars but a much longer version of it?

Don’t get me wrong, the who concept seems exciting and interesting to me.

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It’s not that long. There should really be a timer though, as games could end up being 20 minutes long. The time limit would probably be about 10-15 minutes long.

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Cough Skyblock.
It’s a mini game server.

I believe this suggestion is fairly similar to this

My thought on that one is the same I have here. I feel like this would somewhat encourage camping your own island to get ‘stacked’ instead of getting decent gear and going to mid for better gear for instance, which takes away from skywars’ fast paced gameplay (although not my main concern, it is pretty prominent)

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Ah, it’s pretty much uhc with a void. If they were to add this, I think the hive would just add a totally new game called uhc, and have that as a mode.

Now, I have been a sleep and haven’t been able to reply, so I’ll reply to you guys right now!

UHC means ultra hardcore, and this version of SkyWars isn’t necessarily UHC as there still is natural generation and no hunger. UHC sounds like a good gamemode though that could be interesting if thought out correctly.

As I said in my post, you have to get resources from your island and the middle. But, if you mine for a while, you do have a good chance of running out of ore and wanting to go to the middle. This game isn’t meant to be fast-paced. It’s supposed to be one of those “strategy” games.

I know that this does seem a lot like SkyBlock. But, in SkyBlock, it’s a completely random island while having survival rules, still having some generators that wouldn’t take place in normal survival. In this SkyWars, it’s pure survival while still having some perks that make it more “SkyWars.” Also, in SkyWars, there is probably going to be maps that aren’t nature-based.

If I’m not wrong, The Hive seeks to make ‘fast-paced’ games.

Well, most are and one isn’t. The one that isn’t fast-paced is Just Build as there is an extended version of it that’s ten minutes long. But, I think diversity wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Yes, all other minigames are in a way ‘fast-paced.’

I think this would be a great idea, but skywars is meant to have chests and be fast paced. As someone said earlier in the thread, they could just add a new game called UHC. I don’t know, it seems like a good idea, but there are simpler solutions to this.

Why bump
Also UHC is not going to be added probs