New stuff to TW

TNT added to treasure wars along with water buckets and obsidian and lastly add golden apples


Welcome to the forums! These have all been suggested in different posts so I’d suggest searching up your ideas before posting about them, I’m ok with tnt if it’s balanced, maybe not tnt in solos or duos though, water buckets would probably be a no from me since they are annoying more than effective and a cheap strategy, obsidian is just not a good idea at all rn as it would lead to turtlewars, and yes to gapples since there is no regen thing in the game rn.


Yes welcome. Please do research as other posts like this have been made. But I’ll give a run-down like all of these. Obsidian isn’t, going to be added. Golden apples probably not since the health system is fine the way it is and gives OP people a even bigger chance just to get stronger. Water buckets. Why? No use. There isn’t TnT. There isn’t a point to it.

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Only good thing here is gapples, obsidian would hurt pe players’ hands or something, and tnt wouldn’t feel right with everything else. Water buckets may be useful for fall damage nullification or to slow down attackers.

Golden tools could possibly be added, bought with 5-10 emeralds.

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Why would we want golden tools? They are just crap. Axes would break near instantly same with pickaxes. And a golden sword is highly low in DMG and again. The gold tools durability are like actual butter.

They have like 80 durability but are the fastest tools. The Hive could definitely make it so that it doesn’t lose durability. I don’t think there is either because I once mined 500 blocks of concrete with a stone pick in TW and it stayed at green durabilty.

Tools don’t lose durability on the hive do they? And it’s not like you’re gonna mine 60 blocks with it, the largest defence doesn’t require you to break more than 10 blocks at max, and nobody even asked for a gold sword.

Still, possibly adding golden tools > gold sword. And I have seen some pretty big defenses for treasures.

there is always an easy way to get in fast and doesn’t require breaking a lot of blocks

First of all, welcome to the forums. Second of all, I agree TNT should be added, but not obsidian. I think TNT should be worth 1 or 2 emeralds. Gapples should be added too. But it should be 5 diamonds for a gapple. +1 vote for me. Please like this post staff memebrs if you agree to me and the topic.

I think 2 - 3 would be better, or else it would cost as much as an iron sword.

Golden tools are the fastest tools, but the golden sword is basically a wooden one.

Tools do not lose durability on The Hive.

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im ok with everything besides the obasidian