New Special Fish!

The Hive should add new special fish!

I think it would be cool to see different types of fish added to nemo slap or even skywars that have special abilities!

Some of these could include a fire salmon or a poison cod!

There is a Poison boombox and the sword of Embers, so for what do we need those fish then?
Also, the point of Nemo slap is not normal PvP, but slapping each other of…

Have a great day

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eh, i guess so…

Hey there! As @S1r_Pho3n1x said, there are already boomboxes that have this ability, and if this gets added, it will be too op (exept if it has a chance system)

Happy Hiving! :wave:

If these were to get added the best game to put them in would be block drop as new powerups! they wouldn’t have the exact abilities but the fire salmon could give you the annoying fire animation, and the poison cod could mess with your Vision,

I think they would have to have similar sounding names. For example poison pufferfish, two P’s.

The ideas itself are too similar to the already existing items like fire amber sword, and poison boombox.

There is already a knockback nemo but its a decent idea.

Have a nice day :beedance:!

Mommy Long Legs

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