New Skywars BoomBox


Boo Boxes (Thanks Ins4nityUltra for the idea lol)

More information:

This is for Skywars. Basically, it’s a boombox, that after u place it down, after a while it gives someone a BOO, could be a ghost, or just put the pumpkin overlay, or blindness on the player, giving them a scare. This could be used to stall a player, or just give them a fright.

Alternatively, it could be a trick Boombox that temporarily blinds you, as in the person who threw it.

Ideas for an overlay are; A ghost covering your screen and a BOO noise, the pumpkin overlay and a noise, or blindness and a noise.

I think this would be pretty useful if used correctly, some examples of a use are: blinding a player to trap them, escape them combo-ing you. I think it could potentially balance some things between the platforms. e.g. Win10 and Controller being able to combo easier than mobile, if the player is blind, you can’t really fight.

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Thanks lol

(I was discording him and meant to say boom box but hit the space by accident)

This is a genuinely good idea tho lmao


I feel like you could get the effect where its like a pumpkin’s on your head


It should definitely give you the blindness effect for at least 5 seconds

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I don’t think it should be a jump scare. If it was you should be able to disable it.

perhaps when thrown it replaces everyone in a certain radius’ helmets into pumpkin hats, of course some texture packs would prevent the overlay but it would still decrease their defense.

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i think blindness and or slowness

sounds good, i think that would be pretty cool

Yeah it should definitely be the animation of the elder guardian scaring you, with blindness effect following after (slowness would be too OP imo) and it should play a horror noise while it surrounds you

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