New parkour chapters

More parkour chapters

[You should add more parkour chapters if people wants more]

With 6 worlds

[World 1 (The Forest), World 2 (The Cave), World 3 (The Factory), World 4 (Nether), World 5 (The Tower), World 6 (The Floating Ship) each World haves 5 levels and 1 boss battle]

Could you give a bit more info, are you saying this would be its own game, or more hub parkours? Also could you explain the boss battles maybe?

Also those seem awfully familiar to another game lol

Super Meat Boy:
Chapter 1: The Forest
Chapter 2: The hospital (when you play it is a bit like a cave)
Chapter 3: The Salt Factory
Chapter 4: Hell (The nether)
Chapter 5: Rapture (it’s all skyscrapers/towers)
Chapter 6: The End (bit of a stretch but if your talking about end ships maybe)

Even in the same order, each with one boss fight.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but the resemblance is kind of uncanny lol

I’m really confused on what you mean by “more” parkour chapter a when this sounds more like a new parkour gamemode

I don’t even know what you mean by worlds
Or chapters
Or boss battle

chapters would be the theme of the parkour
levels would be the amount of rooms in said chapter
and at the end of each chapter there’s a boss fight.

basically, a parkour gamemode with boss fights…
sounds like a one time thing.

might be a LTM? :man_shrugging:
doesnt sound particularly interesting,
and tbf i dont think its coming anytime soon.

also, happy seeing u here roomygorilla214, enjoy ur stay <3