New Murder Mistery MAP

Create a new map for Murder Mystery (MM) as ZOO or CASTEL.
I like this idea The Hive, i will stay on your side!!

Welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Good idea, but the hive is adding a murder mystery update soon with probably new maps.


Huh. Are you younger than 12 @ES.Artur ?


@anon6223964 is also pretty suspicious as you must be 13 and above, just check out his yt channel, but you cant just assume their age based on how they act.

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Welcome to the forums, I actually like it but the maps we have right now are pretty solid too

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wat is his yt channel


It’s called “Gamer Liam”

We should treat everyone equally whether they are younger or older.


English might not be his first language, based on his username.


Welcome to the forums and please elaborate on these maps individually.
Explain and describe the map.

@Violetria age equality confirmed

Hhhm good point but I think they are already making new maps.

Still breaks the rules to be younger than 12 on the forums though

only in america because of child protetcion laws so if he is twelve in let’s say Mexico then he can use the forums.

That’s not how it works though.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you still need to be 13 to be able to use our forums. :+1:t2:

As for the topic of this thread, we’re constantly working on adding new maps! Someone already posted this above but you can check our Trello for upcoming updates, including new maps.