New mounts cheaper for mount owners

So hive just added 2 new mounts, the bee and the cruiser. And tbh I think it’s really kinda a scam to buy them for current mount owners because hive has said “they are treated like a fly rank.
cheaper mounts
So my suggestion is instead of having to buy “fly rank” again new mounts will be cheaper for current mount owners so instead of them being $10 for the mount and flying your only paying $5 for a new mount. And these prices could be ajusted such as $4 for the spaceship or $6 for the cruiser
mount gifting
Mount gifting would still be $10 because idk if there would be a way to have cheaper mount gifts only for mount owners, unless hive made a special cheaper mount gift only giftable and claimable by mount owners
if you already bought the mount
Hive could give people who already bought the mount(s) pet or bundle gift(s) to fit the price

Please give feedback on this


I mean, I think it is fair, especially considering that the cruiser mount is objectively better than the spaceship one, which many people already bought before the other ones.

Will this mean that mount gifts are cheaper aswell? Because that may lead to some type of irl trading of someone who has a mount starts selling them for cheaper, which is against mojangs EULA. But it would also be weird if you had to spend more on something if your gifting it.

One compromise may be to have the discount only for people who bought the mount before others came out. But then the hive would be basically outright saying the spaceship was overpriced which wouldn’t be a good look for them.


About the price, in my opinion, the price is good how it is right now.

If the price would be lower, it would be nothing special anymore.

U think a mount being 10 dollars is good right now people said a pet is overpriced


Just a reminder to people that I’m not complaint about the overall price but that for my fellow mount owners there is no reason to pay $10 for another object that does almost the same thing as the spaceship mount

I feel there should be some major restriction to make up for the 50% price cut so people like me who paid 10 bucks don’t feel cheated for spending more money.

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Wdym by restrictions

He’s saying that (even tho this probably won’t be added) since he spent 10 quid on it already he wants something like what you’re saying for people who spent money on the first one or smth.

That made no sense so let’s just say there are way too many complications with this suggestion

Hive could just give players who already bought the mount(s) pet or bundle gift(s)

I said this on another post but maybe single seat mounts should be $5 and multiple seat mounts should be $10. If anyone wants to they can suggest this just quote this comment or give me credit for the idea.

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That sounds like a reasonable deal bc with the cruiser you can bring anyone anywhere now including parkour titles


I think it’d be too late. If they’d do refunds on it, how’d they do that? Give people quest points? But I do agree, it’s too expensive

This is how they could refund it for players who had a mount already

Oh yeah, I kinda just read the title :sweat_smile:

Nice idea :+1:

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BUMP for more peoples to see

Yes. Just add this- the title explains everything just addd this hive idc abt the post and thingies just add this hive. Im poor and i dont wanna waste robux but in minecraft :white_check_mark:

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ya im guessing ur rich 10 usd is outrageous for flying but you clearly dont know that

Agreed mostly, spending $10 to fly in two hubs on a singular Minecraft server (as in half the price of the game), while I wouldn’t say it means you’re rich, I think it is a waste, they’re basically saying they put the same effort into one mount as Re-Logic put into Terraria (if you consider it’s on sale 90% of the time)


Not to mention
The FULL price of the game (mobile)