New mode: Treasure Wars RGB mode

This mode will have 3 teams (Red, blue, and green) with 6 people on each team. This is like other modes of Treasure Wars, but this mode has special effects that you can give to your team from your colored beacon. These upgrades cost diamonds of course! If you click on the beacon master NPC at your base, it will give you a selection of upgrades you can choose from! Here are the effects and their prices!

  • Speed 1: 20 Diamonds
  • Haste 1: 20 Diamonds
  • Jump Boost 1: 20 Diamonds
  • Regeneration 1: 20 Diamonds
  • Strength 1: 20 Diamonds

You will have to be careful though! Players from other teams can destroy your beacon! Once your beacon is destroyed, the effects that your team got will be cleared. However, you can buy a new beacon for 16 Emeralds. Once you buy it, you will have to give it to the beacon master NPC so the beacon can be restored. However, the effects your team previously had will be gone, and you will have to buy the effects all over again.

Honestly I just think 3 teams wouldn’t work well for TW due to the fact the ways you would need to build maps to keep it fair for all the teams, and the fact that initial rushes will sort of be a 1v1 with someone sitting out, overall it would just be messy


Ooo speed pvp would be good against diamond armer ngl

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