New minigame

The setting in this minigame is a forest where the players are surrounded by chest filled with bows, armor, and food. The only things that do damage are bows, So that people are forced to fight in a way that doesn’t benefit players that like to fight with melee. Players cannot either break or place blocks, This is because in this minigame no players can neither have the high ground nor just camp under ground. I specifically made bows the only thing that does damage for a unique style of compared to other minigames. I would name it( if ever implemented) hunters Paradise.

Please reply if you like or dislike this concept, or if you have any changes to my concept comment that as well

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I feel like that game would take a really long time since people could just run around and hide from the other people because the people with bows would have to stop to shoot, but other than that pretty good idea.
Have a great day :cubee:

100 x 100 map. and have the ore system from skywars.

so, survival games, but with bows