New Minigame Idea - Maze Run

Maze Run!

Maze Run takes inspiration from TangoTek’s Decked Out from Hermitcraft 7.

How does Maze Run Work?

There will be 2-4 Teams competing, each will have 4 members. Their main objective is to escape the maze first. But they must be cautious for there is a vicious beast roaming around the map, you get caught, you’re out! All surviving members of a team must be together inorder to escape.

Along the way, there will be traps, easter eggs, treasures and suprises that the players will encounter.

PVP is turned off.

About the Monster/Beast

The monster has the ability to affect the light level, detect if a trap is triggered, can kill a player woth one hit and has super hearing.


All maps will have a low light level to set the atmosphere / mood.

Minatour’s Labyrinth
Ruins / Ancient City
Dwarve’s Lair
Etc. . . .

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