New kill phrases

Hey, so when treasure wars levels updated to 100 from 75, there is a new thing the hive is missing. Extra kill phrases, I feel like it would be cool to add kill phrases in between level 75 and 100
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Should include some ideas for those kill phrases

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I would personally like kill phrases but it would go unused by most of the top players

This is a treasure wars suggestion
There aren’t any kill phrases past level 75 which makes no sense
just realized you might be joking, if so then mb

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any levels with empty spaces or hub cosmetics above 75 would be good candidates for kill phrases, so I don’t see why they wouldnt want to implement this. Upvoted

Do you think Hive would get in trouble if they did what hypixel did by adding kill phrases above people in MM?

No, hypixel doesn’t own putting text above someone, this whole thing about hive being super unique and quirky and stuff is really annoying as super cool features are shown the door just because “hypixel did it” or something dumb like that


But what about the people who prestige again

just have prestige exclusive unlocks for all games that get prestige, ezpz

Idk abt that

I am so confused, did you just disagree with yourself?


Bro idk how to prestige i have never even heard of it lol

I personly would like it if you could get kill phrases earlier than level 53 I’m 45 and am grinding just for the kill phrase and prestige