:New Hub Title: Master of afk

This one is gonna be for ThanPixel.

Afk in the hub for 100 min! :smiley:

You’re gonna really like this now ThanPixel[Petition to stop Thanpixel from asking in the hub]

:Im one with ThanPixel in this petition down below:


To make this happen just make a little mod/code where it tracks down your player on the server. And to get this you can’t move for 100 min and the code can track that you’re not moving.

Edit before this was supposed to be afk in the hub and be on the forums for 100 min at the same time, but I’ve changed my mind due to the comments down below as I kinda agree with them

This would be cool, but unfortunately not all devices can run minecraft AND those forums at a time… When I am on MC and try to go on the forums it disconnects me.

I know Windows10 can open multiple apps at a time so idk about this.

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oof for me I can’t on win 10, when I’m on a server it would disconnect me D: well this was kinda meant for a memey ish suggestion lol

If you turn off full-screen in Minecraft’s settings it allows you to open other tabs :+1:
(at least it should lol)


well if its 100 mins then ill just sit there

but if it was 24 hours then…

I like it, just not the forums part. Although the AFK title would be really cool.


What kind of device r u playing on?

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He has an iPad air 2 from what I can remember.

Anyways this isn’t really possible because you can’t really link your forums account to your minecraft name, would be great if that was the case.


k well how bout just afk for 100 min then?

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I mean it could boost the forums popularity to the public but I guess some devices can’t handle 2 apps at the same time. I’ll change it to just afk for 100 min then

ty, this is a good hub title, as well as
The Addicted
Not a hub title, yet, u should get it at one year login streak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit; @BlueSlimeMC u suggested it so TY