New Hub Title: ‘Glizzy Gobbler’

New Hub Title

Glizzy Gobbler hub title

•Glizzy(red) Gobbler(red)
•Obtained by playing a number of hours on the hive (200-500)

Literally everybody would use it. you know they would. people would love the addition. If it seems too risqué, just add a hot dog themed event in collaboration with Oscar Meyer or something and subsequently add it


How come it’s glizzy gobbler, what does that have to do with playing for so long in the server, I’m just curious? nice one fosta, you made me take three times longer to ask “why glizzy” because if I said it any other way it might upset you

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don’t think this would go well

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This topic is a bit weird and probably not a lot of people are gonna use this title. IDK about the last part with a “hot dog event”… :confused:


How dare you-

Where is context when you need it?

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idk how else you should get it idk hive is creative and i personally would be honored to go around under the name “Glizzy Gobbler”

But why glizzy gobbler? It just seems too random, and hotdogs have never had anything to do with the hive.

Uhhh…this might be taken out of context

I take land lubber out of context all the time, I’m probably not even pronouncing it correctly.
Glizzy gobbler wouldn’t be that bad, of course some people would take it out of context but majority of Hive players are children and won’t think of it in any dirty way.
Anyways it is random and makes no sense to be the reward for playing a certain amount of time.