New Hub Title/Avatar Cosmetics Idea

What do you all think of a hub title/avatar or possibly both that can be gotten through gifting? So the way it would work is once you’ve gifted [x] times, you will get a related hub title or avatar. For instance, after dropping or directly gifting 1 gift, you would get something like “The Gifter” or something else related to gifting. Maybe there could be multiple unlocks? For example, you get “The Gifter” after gifting 1 time, “The Generous” 5 times, and then “Presents For All” for 10 times & that would be the last possible one. What do all of you guys think of an idea like this? Would you change anything like the titles themselves or the amount of gifting you need to do to get them? Or would it be better for something like this to not exist?

*Note this is not a suggestion, but more of a discussion about a potential idea.


This is a cool idea. Maybe they could have gift emojis in the hub title like the cake in the happy beeday hub title.


Good idea, but, please, move this to #suggestions

why? he can post it here if he asks about peoples opinions on it, while he doesnt want to suggest it

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#hive-discussion isn’t the place to ask for someone’s opinion on their idea, its for discussing something about the hive that isn’t related to a specific minigame, the topic creator made this topic to talk about their idea, so moving this to #suggestions would be a good decision


it’s not a suggestion

#suggestions isn’t the place to post something that is not a suggestion.

even if ur not suggesting it, its still an idea

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