New Halloween Event

(A problem with global locker, i play on Andriod (MCPE) and am using V 1.17.34)

Basically whats happened is that ive collected all of the runestones, gone to the final door and opened it, gone into the treasure room and collected the Hub title, Avatar, and costume. But a few seconds after it teleported me back to the hub i was kicked out of the game (not just the server, my game crashed) and when i joimed back i only had the avatar and skin. I tried reloading the game but i still didnt have the hub title, and it wouldnt let me re-enter the room that i got them from so im assuming it thinks ive collected all 3 prizes
Heres some screenshots since i cant upload a videoProcessing: 20211016_232052.mp4…

Processing: 20211016_232052.mp4…
Processing: 20211016_232052.mp4…


Thanks for taking the time to submit this bug report. We have already taken note of this particular issue, and a fix has already been deployed.

The missing items have been awarded to everyone who experienced this issue. If you’re still missing anything, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team:

Hope you have a wonderful day! :blobheart:

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