New Gift Message

So we Know the hives Currently Dropped Gift message. I made an idea of how we can change it here’s the picture’s take a look so bad

I think it’s good just as it is. :banana:

….……… Lol why


Why, you just change it from found to claimed, they look the same, it genuinely took me like 20 seconds to figure out there was a difference.

If anything the current is better since you have to find it since they are hidden, and “Can you claim it first” sounds bad

Give a good reason to change it lol, as apposed to “… Lol why”


There is nothing wrong with the current message as they are “dropped gifts” and it is meant to be a hunt to find them

For once I agree with you.

Instead of commenting that you agree with someone you should just like the post

Also what’s the passive aggressiveness?

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wdyem @aculace is the most based guy here

anyway this seems silly i’d like a notif instead but this? no

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