New Gamemode: Natural Disasters

New Game: Natural Disasters
Information: This gamemode will randomly pick between a certain disaster to occur during your game. It could vary but not limited to volcano eruptions, tsunamis and tornados. This would be really unique and the last “Survivor” wins. It’s a matter of skills and technique to survive the given disaster.

The Hive said they don’t want to copy other servers and, Grian made this on his server.

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I don’t pay attention to Grain other than Hermit Craft and I have never seen a bedrock server with this mode so, i personally feel like it would gain a lot of members

This game sounds like it would take a while to play and the hive only adds quick pace games that don’t take a long time to finish. Also, Idk but I think the hive has rejected an idea like this before
(don’t quote me on it)

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It could be fast and slow pace depending on how you code it and play it

Grian’s server no longer exists
It shut down long before Hive Bderock opened

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I think the Hive would still consider that a copy